A New Season in Gaming

A current research in the U.S. showed that of the 31.4 million gambling lovers, just 30 percent are feminine. As a fulltime streamer on Twitch, Autumn Rhodes has created a name for himself in the male dominated gaming world. This Toronto based streamer, who began playing games with her father at a young age, talks about her adventures in a market not necessarily available to the fairer sex.

A New Season in Gaming

1. How can you put into eSports?

I began playing with video games at a really young age because of my dad and my brother, and ever since then I have never managed to stop. When I had been introduced into the eSports planet I was amazed about how it all worked. Being a very competitive person, I determined it was time to choose my passion for gaming to another level, and once I found Twitch.tv and all of the wonderful chances I had facing me.

Season in Gaming

2. What exactly do you do from the eSports arena?

I’m a complete time streamer on Twitch. I play games like CS:GO, CoD, LoL, and so many more. I devote hours and hours per day to such games, constantly practicing, and constantly attempting to be the very best I could be. I have played competitively in several games and I have such a excellent time doing this.

3. What do you think about girls in eSports, especially in your area?

I believe that the girls involved with eSports around my area, which can be Toronto, provide a fantastic name for every one of us. They understand how hard it can be in this sector for a lady, and they work hard to keep their image rather than just a severe aggressive participant but as a female who will perform just as well as every other guy. Since Toronto has such a large population there’s so much rivalry in the eSports world.

4. What’s been some of the experiences of being in a area that’s been dominated by men?

A number of my adventures in this field have not always been fantastic, but other times they have been fantastic. I recall being at the Cineplex World Gambling CoD tournament this past year, and as I walked to the theatre that the guys were simply shocked as to why I was even there. The man I confronted was so terrified since he never had to play with a woman before and he did not know what to expect; it made him so nervous. Meanwhile, various other guys in the tournament guessed because I’m a girl I would easily be conquered since there’s no way I might be helpful at any matches. Being in a market where we are told we “can not possibly play with video games because we are women” is so disappointing in the current society. There are just SO many guys who despise girls that take part with the gambling business, and I do not know whether this is because society has taught people that ONLY boys may play with video games or if a number of them are simply too dumb to understand that our gender has absolutely nothing to do with our ability of being good at something.

5. What’s your favourite thing about being a part of this eSports community?

My favourite thing about being a component of this eSports community is how well all of us know each other. It is such a fantastic feeling going to events and competitions and getting a lot in common with everybody. All of us can relate in 1 way or another.

6. What’s the toughest part of being in eSports?

The toughest part about being at eSports as a lady is the way so many guys look at us. They seldom take us badly and it is quite annoying because we have worked just as hard as these or more difficult to get where we’re in the gambling market.

7. Why do you think that it’s so important that women be represented in eSports?

I believe that it’s very significant that more girls are represented in eSports since we have to split the stereotype that it is just a person’s world. SO many women prevent the gaming industry due to the simple fact that all these get harassed and bullied for demonstrating an interest in gambling. It is great to find that folks are finally beginning to shed light on this subject and speak out about it.

8. What are your fantasies for girls in eSports?

My expectation for girls in eSports is that one day men will not judge us for becoming a portion of the gaming community and that they’ll realize we could play games just as well as these and even much better. I can tell within the past couple of years an Increasing Number of people are opening around females at the gambling world, which can be such a relief because it isn’t fair to the girls like myself who place so much time and commitment into competitive gaming to just be closed down because society says we can not be great at games